my top three favorite museums in London

The British Museum

- full of brilliant historical art and artifacts - like the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles, and the colossal Assyrian winged lions

- great kids’ scavenger hunts with interactive activities

- good cakes in the cafe

- loads of great books, resources, and toys in the Museum Shop

Resources: Treasures of the British Museum

Board books: Colors, ABC, 123

The Victoria and Albert

- wonderful collection of fine art from all over the world

- kids’ interactive back-packs by period or theme (Medieval art, Islamic art, etc.) & family crafts on Sunday afternoons

- amazing inner courtyard with a huge, shallow wading pool & delicious outdoor cafe

- gorgeous restaurant, worth just sitting in for the ambience

Resources: William Morris: An Arts and Crafts Coloring Book

A Grand Design: The Art of the Victoria and Albert

The Tate Britain

- lots of beautiful Pre-Raphaelite pieces, including John William Waterhouse’s Lady of Shalott

Resources: Pre-Raphaelite Activity book for children

Pre-Raphaelite Masterpieces

Pre-Raphaelite Drawing,

J.W.Waterhouse: The Modern Pre-Raphaelite

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